My Saving Money Tips

Deciding to stay at home with our young son, I was determined to make living on one income work for us even though myself and my husband knew it would be tight moneywise.

Before quitting my job I decided to look for a way for us to save money. I started with our new budget, which was much tighter, three months ahead of time just to be sure that we would be able to do it. I was determined to find a way to shrink the bills. I went through each bill that we had and found that we could save a lot of money by all the small savings that I could make. Here is how I did it:

save money in a coin bank


By cutting out our cable provider, who we had had issues with, we managed to save $50 each month. Watching TV was something that we didn’t do much anymore, so it wasn’t a huge issue. Now the internet is all we have and through the use of a Roku we stream what we want to watch through Hulu Plus and Netflix.


The amount of useful articles on how to cut costs by clipping coupons and shopping the sales is great, but I decided on some more simple. I personally don’t have anything against coupons but I found that there were not too many of them for fresh or organic food, as well as this I am not a fan of organizing coupons! Nor am I organized when it comes to menu planning around sales, I would love to be, but right now, I just don’t do it.


Here is what I do and it works: Plan. Make a list, write a menu and then follow that list.

make a grocery list


Other ways to save money when shopping for groceries:

Items that are on sale are not always the best. Look at similar products even if they are not on sale and compare prices.

Lower shelves are where you will find the best deals. Premium products are always placed at eye level.

Always look at circulars online to help you make your lists.

Store brand items are great.

Check the shelf tag for the price-per-ounce, often you will find a much better deal.

The spice aisle can be expensive in some stores, often the Latino aisle offers spices at up to half the price.

grocery shopping tips

Bulk Buying

Remember when shopping in a warehouse:

Not everything in bulk is best.

Always have a list.

Your supermarket sometimes has items at the same price.

Check warehouses vs grocery store for the better price. A membership to a warehouse is good for a once a month trip.


Anything that is plugged in still uses electricity. Strip plugs make it easy to unplug a lot of things at the same time. If you use your lamps or microwave etc infrequently unplug them.

I have found that using the scheduling program on the heater/AC works great and saves money. Keeping your thermostat on auto uses less energy than if you are turning it up and down throughout the day.

saving electricity strip plugs